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Andrew Logan's Miss World 1973

13th October
Downham Road, Hackney

In attendance to the crowded event are Zandra Rhodes, Ossie Clark, Angie Bowie, David Bailey, Richard O’Brien, Tim Curry and Little Nell. The first crown is given, made of cardboard and UHU glue, to actor Eric Roberts as Miss Holland Park Walk.


Miss Holland Park Walk
(Eric Roberts)

1973 - Eric Roberts as Miss Holland Park Walk.jpeg


Ossie Clark, Zandra Rhodes, David Hockney, Angie Bowie, Celia Birtwell, Barbara Hulanicki, David Bailey, Bill Gibb, Thea Porter, Molly Parkin, and Amanda Lear.


Miss Twinny (dana Doherty, Surrey), Miss Electric Element (Jill Lacey, 1,000,000 light years, Galaxy Andromeda), Miss Zorro-Sorrows (ULF, Stockholm), Nina Haws your Knockers (Louise Doktor, Hamtramck), Miss Georgia (Karl Bowen, Georgia), Miss St German des Pres (Juliette Laroux, Gare du Nord, Paris), Miss Oxford North (Greta, Las Vegas - Janet Slee), Miss Cordelia (Daniel Barrett, Newcastle), Miss Cape Cod (Butterfly Pinkerton, Platform 2), Rita Ritz (Diane Logan, Epsom), Miss Southern Comfort (Fran Fullenwider, Texas), Miss Hollywood (Lesley Sunderland, Henley), Miss Runfold (Gigi Bethune, Val Paradiso), Little Miss Wonderful (Agnes Elsdon, Toy Town), Miss L-Anius (Louise Walker, Westwinster), Miss Holland Park (Dolores de la Mañana, Con Carne, Chile), Miss Gerlinda (Gerlinda Zweck, On the Danube), Miss Synthetic (Miss Polly Thin, Synth Village), and Miss Odessa (Volga Ukrainauitch, Odessa USSR).


Stage Production - Richard Logan | Music - Peter Logan | Master of Ceremonies - Peter Davies | Film - Derek Jarman | Photography - Laurie Lewis, Johnny Dewe Mathews, Mick Rock and Judy moraes.

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