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Party 1972

25th March
Downham Road, Hackney

Started life as the theme for a party. The venue was at Andrew Logan's studio, a converted jigsaw factory!


Miss Yorkshire
(Patrick Steed)

1972 - Miss Yorkshire - Photo© AlainLeGarsmeur Edited.jpg


David Hockney, Valerie Wade, Jill Searl, Vern Lambert, and Rob Medley


Miss Yorkshire, Miss Hackney (Jill Smith), Miss Rive Gauche (Kevin Whitney), Miss Cape Cod (Joanne Wojetch), Miss Oxford East (Janet Slee)


Stage Production - Richard Logan | Music - Peter Logan | Master of Ceremonies - Peter Davies | Film - Jack Hazon (a film-maker who recored it and used as the party scene in his film A Bigger Splash about David Hockney's life) | Photography - Alain Le Garsmuir

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