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1995 Fire - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Fire 1995

3rd November
The Grand, Clapham Junction

Staged as an ICA collaboration, Anita Roddick and others witnessed the year the Russians came, led by Andrey Bartenev.


Mademoiselle Jean D'Arc
(Molly Burnel)

1995 - Mademoiselle Jean D_arc_edited.jpg


The late Anita Roddick, Zandra Rhodes, Fenella Fielding, Brian Eno, Jasia Reichardt, Bernice Davis, Norman Rosenthal, Warren Cuccorullo, Stephen Elliot, Richard Logan, Burnel Penhaul, Katy Sender, Irene Logan, and David Hockney.


The Misses Wyrd (Christine and Jennifer Binnie), Pyromani-Anna (Lisa Coleman), Miss Eternity Blasé (Dai Mathews), Miss Amy Lame (Amy Lame), Miss Pheonix Quentin Logan), Miss Firing Line (Cloud Downey), Madame Tickle (Lyall), Marilyn (Marilyn Coleman), Mademoiselle Jean D'Arc (Molly Burell), Miss Global Warming (Jon Turner), Miss Utility (Janet Slee), The Bird of Fire (Irena Zhivago), Factor 8 (Steve & Steve), Moti Roti (Keith Khan), Phoebus Apollo (Anna Zolotuhin), Fifitrixiebelle (Oliver), Dandy Dust (Marc Harriet), Fizzy (Fizzy Young), and Russian Entry (Andrei Bartenev).


Producer - Michael Davis and Scarlett Cannon | Co-Presenter - Richard O'Brien | Sparkling Secretary - Scarlett Cannon | Film - Rebel Penfold Russell (37min video as a gift for Andrew Logan's 50th birthday) | Photography - Rose Beddington and Carolyn Bates

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