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1985 Water - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Water 1985

31st May
Brixton Academy, London

The 1985 event was held around the time 'the DJ scene was just beginning'. With a Richard Logan waterfall backdrop, the Water theme was in full swing. While the winner was a robot by Bruce Lacey, those in the audience were, mostly, human.

In attendance were Billy Connolly and Naim Attallah.


Miss R.O.S.A. B.O.S.O.M.
(Bruce Lacey's robot)

1985 - Miss Rosa Bosom_edited.jpg


Robert Medley CBE, Naim Attallah, Richard O'Brian, Marilyn, Bernard Simons, Gerlinda Von Regensburg-Kostiff, Duggie Fields, Joan Simon Menkies, Fenella Fielding, Ian Webb, Pamela Stephenson, Bille Connolly, Neil Arthur, Murial Gray, Molly Parkin, Norman Parkinson, Mrs Logan, Michael & Claudy Logan, and Zandra Rhodes.


Miss Fine Art (Linda Flowers), Miss Tuna-Turner (Johnny Rosza), Miss Demeanor (McArthur Newton), Miss Pastamatic (Nigel Adey), Miss Phoenix (Quentin Logan), Miss Portsmouth (Michael Haynes), Miss Beauty with Cruelty (Fiona Rae), Miss Maritime (Jenny Runacre), Miss Ogynist (Jennier Binnie & Grayson Perry), Neptune's Silver Nymph (Diana James), Miss Leigh Bowerie (Leigh Bowery), Miss Singh at Sea (Peter Hammond), Miss Mills and Boon (John Lys Turner), Miss Jacuzzi Floozi (Laurence), Miss R.O.S.A. B.O.S.O.M. (Bruce Lacey robot), Miss Salmonella (Julie Speechly), Miss Continental Cartoon (Lucinda Sieger), Princess of Whales (Janet Slee), Miss Atlantis (Joan de Vere Hunt), Miss Universe (Christine Binnie), Miss Sacrilege a Fallen Angel (Bouke De Vries), Miss Re-Fit The Salvage Operation (Richard Sharples), Miss Bahmanda (Bee Willey), Miss Maryunfaithful (Georgette Frank), Miss Your Ideal Miss (Andy Pappas), Miss Adventure in Brine (Mathew Harden), and Miss Full Moon Reflecting on the Hot Ocean (Suzanna McQuilan).


Stage Production - Richard Logan | Producer - Michael Davis | Music - a collaboration with Stephen Luscombe of Blancmange | Co-Presenter - Janet Street-Porter and Simon Callow | Scintillating Secretary - Luciana Martinez | Film - Wolfgang Ebert (25min programme for German television (Z.D.F.) | Photography - Robyn Beeche

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