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1986 Earth - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Earth 1986

13th October
Brixton Academy, London

Police had banned the event from Chislehurst Caves. With Leigh Bowery, Koo Stark, and John Maybur, this earthy event was a storming success. However, it had a rocky start with the venue being changed at the last minute as the local paper in Chislehurst, Kent, protested against the event being held there, claiming it would “bring AIDS.”


Miss National Geographic
(Jenny Runacre)

1986 - Miss National Geographic (Jenny Runacre)_edited.jpg


Zandra Rhodes, Bruce Lacey, Molly Parkin, Marc Balet, Mrs Logan, Koo Stark, Hermine, Tony Elliott and John Maybury.


Miss Brown Oil, Miss National Geographic, Miss Cora the Earth, Miss Galaxina, Miss St Grayson of Essex, Miss Born Again Christine, Miss Fuck It, Miss Governed As..., Miss Mother Earth No 6, Miss Ophelia Bits, Miss What On Earth, Miss L Toe, Miss Tree Miss Fallopia and the Ovarian Sisters, and Miss Conception.


Stage Production - Richard Logan | Producer - Michael Davis | Co-Presenter - Murial Gray and Eve Ferret | Scintillating Secretary - Luciana Martinez | Film - After Image (for the Channel 4 television arts magazine programme Alter Image) | Photography - Robyn Beeche and Tim Hawkins

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