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1991 Air - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Air 1991

6th May
Business Design Centre in Islington, London

Memorable contestants such as Kinky Gerlinky Cabaret were in attendance, as well as co-host Rula Lenska, Brian Eno, and Nick Rhodes. However, this first ever daytime AMW was won by the evermore infamous Burnel Penhaul, “the Transformer” as Miss Gale Force Wind.


Miss Gale Force Wind
(Burnel Penhaul)

Miss Gale Force Wind and Andrew Logan (2).jpg


Ned Sherrin, Siân Phillips, Lyn Seymour, Molly Parkin, David Elliot, Angela Flowers, Brian Eno, Andrew Morris, Michael Cashman, Nick Rhodes, Bruno Birmanis, Peter Logan, Eve Ferret, Peter Young, and Jenny Runacre.


Miss Which Came First (Quentin Logan), Miss Von Willendorf (Hermine Demoriane), Ms Heir Apparent (Janet Slee), Miss Magickal Messiah (Gaile McConaghie), Miss Gone With The Wind (Maria Avino), Miss Defying Gravity (Lucinda Seiger), Miss Midlands South East (Jon Turner), Miss Fluffy and the Inflatables (Marco Erbi, Jo Moise and Hector Ktorides), Miss Florence Foster-Jenkins II (Dicky Chopping), Miss Meringue (Lisa Carew), Miss Wood Green Shopping City (Ginny Harold), Miss Victoriana Ozine (John Ball), Miss T's of Avalon (Binnie sisters, Neo-Naturists and Friends), and Miss Airhead (Dominie Kitaj).


Stage Production - Richard Logan | Producer - Michael Davis and Scarlett Cannon | Co-Presenter - Rula Lenska | Scintillating Secretary - Luciana Martinez | Sparkling Secretary - Scarlett Cannon | Film - Colin Clark (Super 8 24min video) | Photography - Robyn Beeche and Joe Gaffney

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