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1978 Circus - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Circus 1978

20th October
Super Tent (Blue Circus Tent), Clapham Common, London

With the gorgeous and glamorous Divine and Molly Parkin as co-hosts, the theme for 1978 was ‘Circus’. In attendance were Duggie Fields, Michael Fish, and Joan Bakewell. This is the year AMW goes public with the BBC film ‘I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen’. Said film lands Andrew in court. Location: Super Tent, Clapham Common.


Miss Carriage, Miss Linda Carriage
(Stevie Hughes)

1978 - Winner Linda Carriage - Miss Carriage - Stevie Hughes.jpg


Jasia Reichardt, Yolande Sonnabend, Lionel Bart & Angus, Duggie Fields & Vivienne Lynn, Zandra Rhodes & Mick Milligan, Eric Roberts & Francesca, Ulla Larsen & Richard Warwick, Molly Parkin & Patrick Hughes, Michael Fish, Michael White, and Lyndall Hobbs.


Miss Wildlife, Miss Wolverhampton Municipal Baths, Miss Peru, Miss Little Egypt, Miss Piss, Miss Cherry Cocktail, Miss Slightly Mis Ann Thropic, Miss Carriage Miss Linda Carriage, Miss Consumer, Miss Marilyn, Miss Proposition 13, Miss Moonshine, Miss Earth, Miss Windscale Nuclear Reactor, Miss Snow White, Miss Cornelia Cardinale, Miss Handled (Janet Slee), Miss Bronx and Queens.


Stage Production - Richard Logan | Producer - Michael Davis | Music - Peter Logan | Co-Presenter - Divine | Scintillating Secretary - Luciana Martinez | Film - Richard Gayer (James Street Productions, 35mm format) | Photography - Robyn Beeche, Johnny Rocha.


In 1979, the Alternative Miss World Film premieres at Odeon Leicester Square on 15th November. The film received an injunction, from the organisers of the annual Miss World beauty pageant. The case was thrown out of court by the judge, Lord Denning, who opines that no-one was likely to confuse the two events. The barrister was Tony Blair.
In 1980, the Alternative Miss World Film premieres at Cannes Film Festival, featuring Divine and other glamorous figures in an accompanying red carpet event, stopping the traffic as they perform down to the famous beach.

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