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2018 Psychedelic Peace - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Psychedelic Peace 2018

20th October
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Southbank, London

The world needs peace!
The world needs PSYCHEDELIA!
Dedicated to Fenella Fielding, Jo Dalton and Chrissy Robinson. It included a minute of meditation chants by Angelika.


Miss UFO
(Andrey Bartenev)

2018 - Miss UFO.jpg


Amy Hanson, Duggie Fields, Grayson Perry, Jarvis Cocker, Kevin Whitney, Kier Malem, Miss Zero+, Michael Costiff Paddy Whitaker, Rajeev Sethi, Richard Logan, Svetlana Kunitsyna, Zandra Rhodes, Zoe Wanamaker.


Miss Goddess of War and Peace, Miss Intricately Exquisite, Miss Demeanour, Miss UFO, Miss Shusan Tings, Miss Poundland Couture, Miss Baubo Bell Namma Rella, Miss Una Nimity, Miss Cariad Cymru On Me, Miss Ann Hedonia, Miss Psychic Timebomb, Miss Aware and Tranquil Unity, (there is no number 13), Miss Lysergic Acid and Hallucinations, Miss The Real Miss Piers Atkinson, Miss Fortune (Janet Slee).


Producer - Michael Davis | Co-peacemaker - Sara Kestelman | Sparkling Secretary - Scarlett Cannon | Psychedelic Peace Compère - Eve Ferret | Music - Richard Torry, Michael Green and Samswara | Programme - Piers Atkinson, Michael Nottingham, Elva and Colin Jackson | Host and Hostess Costume - Zandra Rhodes, Laura, Hayley, Claire, Kelly and the team at Zandra Rhodes Inc. Whitaker and Malem, makeup by Phyllis Cohen, hair by Keith of Smile (Keith Wainwright) | Film - Jes Benstock, Jason Higgs (Digital Realities for 360 camera and VR - Mick Duffield, Dave Keene, Geoff Johnston and Jonny Cocking) | Photography - Paul Morgan

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