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2009 Elements - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Elements 2009

2nd May
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Southbank, London

The year of Jes Benstock’s 2011 documentary, The British Guide to Showing Off! Forever was the theme ‘The elements’ and the hair-raising spectacular that Veronica Thompson aka Miss Fancy Chance showed were saved on film.
Ruby Wax and Ken Russell were in attendance.


Miss Fancy Chance
(Veronica Thompson)

2009 - Miss Fancy Chance (Veronica Thompson).jpg


Celia Birtwell, Julian Clary, Tim Curry, Marcus Davey, the reining AMW '04 Miss Secret Sounds of Songbird Rising, CCCP, Gayk Simon, Tony Elliot, Philip Hughes, Bruce Lacey, Amy Lamé, Betty McIntosh, Richard O'Brien, Molly Parkin, Zandra Rhodes, Ken Russell, Rajeev Sethi, Jonny Woo.


Miss Majordha Beach, Miss Bubbles of Hope, Miss Sahhara, Miss Translatin, Miss-Directed Re-Entry Trajectory, Miss Elemental, Miss Flotsam, Little Miss Sustainable, Miss Daniel Lismore, Miss No Signs of Any Civilisation Whatsoever, Miss Trailer Trasher, Miss I Killed the Marie Celeste, Will Be Miss Ed, Miss Fancy Chance, Miss Dementia Praecox, Mademoiselle Sea-Sea-Sur-Mer, Miss Ineffable and Inconceivable and Really Not Quite There, Miss Hokusai (Janet Slee), Miss Fire Lady, and Miss Elementary My Dear.


Producer - Michael Davis | Co-Host - Ruby Wax | Sparkling Secretary - Scarlett Cannon | Music - The Irrepressibles and Sir Norman, Andy D | Film - Jes Benstock (for The British Guide to Showing Off documentary) | Photography - Robyn Beeche | Programme - Piers Atkinson, Michael Nottingham, Robert Boon, Dave Lane, Dal Chodha | Host and Hostess Costume - Zandra Rhodes, Ben, Francis, Michelle, and the threading team at Zandra Rhodes Inc. Whitaker and Malem, makeup by Phyllis Cohen and Celine, hair by Keith of Smile, cap by Diane Logan | Graphic Imagery of Elements - Andrew Savage


Alternative miss World Elements was filmed by Director Jes Benstock and produced by Living Cinema. The documentary The British Guide to Showing Off, was released in 2011 and is a fantastic insight into the wonderful world of Alternative Miss World through the years.

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