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1998 Void - Photo by Jamie Woodley.jpg

Void 1998

12th December
291 Gallery, London

The winner this year was Russian, Pani Bronua. A woman in her seventies, Bronua excelled at the VOID theme.
In attendance were Janet Turner, Maggi Hambling, and Rajeev Sethi.


Miss Pani Bronua
(A Russian lady in her 70s)

1998 - Miss Pani Bronua - Photo©ConnieGore.jpg


The late Anita Roddick, Brian Eno, Edwina Orr and David Trainer, Lynn Seymour, Janet Turner, Maggi Hambling, Zandra Rhiodes, Norman Rosenthal, Fenella Fielding, Tony Elliot, Rajeev Sethi, Richard and Polly Logan, and Ben Scholten.


Miss Know and Miss Know (Jennifer and Christine Binnie), miss Diva-Mexa (Gayk Simonyan), Miss Bermuda (Lisa Carew), Miss 'Help Russia' (Andrei Bartenev), Miss M T Place (Janet Slee), Kali-Hades, Miss Kissthis (Burnel Penhaul), Miss Antique in Future (Yasha), Miss Sunyata (Cloud Downey), Miss Black Hole (Jon Turner), Miss Pani Bronua (petlura, Russia), Miss Amy Lame, Miss Void, Miss By Death Demeanour (Alexander Schady and Rochelle Fry), Miss Avoid Me At All Cost (Lucy Atkinson), Miss Solar Sister (Irena Kuksenaite), Miss Noma O'Void (Piers Atkinson), Miss Natasha Narcotica (Chairman), Miss Ing (Edna McGrattan), Miss Rubbercare (Crispy Sanders), and Miss Fate and Blue Man (Natalia and Olga).


Music - Andrew McDonald and Russell Penn | Co-Host - Panti (from the Republic of Ireland) | Sparkling Secretary - Scarlett Cannon | Film - Rebel Penfold Russell, edited by Mathew Noel-Tod | Photography - Carolyn Bates, Rose Beddington and Sheila Rock | Host and Hostess Costume - Whittaker and Malem, Zandra Rhodes, makeup by Phyllis Cohen and hair by Keith of Smile

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